Dr. John Fitzpatrick – Testimonial

[blockquote align=”center” variation=”red”]The Junco Project does a superb job of converting a common and widespread backyard bird into a lively textbook about evolution, animal behavior, genetics, and even our own biological makeup. We travel to habitats all over North America and learn in just a few spellbinding minutes how much a rapidly evolving bird can teach us – from how the body works to how new species form. I’ve never seen a more exciting demonstration of the fact that absolutely nothing in nature is “ordinary.” Ellen Ketterson is a master scientist and educator, and it’s a thrill to see her life’s work, and that of her many colleagues, come together in such an engaging way for the global public.[/blockquote]


   Dr. John Fitzpatrick

   Director, Cornell Lab of Ornithology  (www.birds.cornell.edu)


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