Dr. Susan Masta – Testimonial

[blockquote align=”center” variation=”red”]I showed the Diversification, part 1, video chapter to my introductory Evolution class last night, which was the start of the section I teach on speciation, and the film worked beautifully to illustrate both how scientists study species and the speciation process, and why applying species concepts can be quite difficult. The students had a great discussion afterwards about species concepts and diversification. They were especially engaged because the video covered an animal that all of the student should (or could) be familiar with — so they could appreciate that the process of speciation is not some odd artifact that happens elsewhere. Additionally, the films are beautiful and well made! I definitely plan to use at least this section of the series in my future Evolution courses.[/blockquote]


   Dr. Susan Masta (website)

Professor of Biology, Portland State University

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