Why Modular?

Why “Modular”?

Our film (88 min. total) is comprised of 8 shorter video modules (or chapters) that range in length from 3 to 20 minutes.

The video chapters are designed to function independently, but should be viewed sequentially for maximum narrative effect, either as a feature-length film or as a series, as there are connections among the modules.  We realize that this modular format leads to some repetition, but this also serves to reinforce key themes.

We made the film in the “modular” format for two main reasons:

1) Teachers told us they wanted to use our film in the classroom or for homework, but that shorter segments are preferable to allow for discussion and interaction, and for logistical reasons.

See our EDUCATION page for additional info and resources related to using our film with your class.

2) More people now view film online, often on smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., and we are now more accustomed to watching shorter segments here and there, versus feature-length products.

HOWEVER!  We worked hard to make Ordinary Extraordinary Junco look and sound amazing on the big screen as a feature-length film, and we highly encourage you to host or attend a screening at a local cinema or theater to get the most out of your viewing experience. See our SCREENINGS pages for more details.