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DVD and BluRay discs of our film are now available.  They are professionally printed and packaged, and include a menu that allows for video chapter selection.  They are FREE for groups, educational use, or for journalist/blogger review.  For private individual/family use, we request a nominal donation ($5 DVD / $10 BluRay) to cover printing/shipping costs. See below for obtaining a copy.

NOTE:  the free HD-quality download options available on this website (through Vimeo) are actually better video/audio quality than DVD, so consider that option (see ). If you plan to use the downloads for a group screening, please let us know () and also see our tab.



Group Screenings, Educational Use, or Journalists / Bloggers:

DVD or BluRay discs are available FREE for groups screenings, educational usage, or for journalists / bloggers to review.  Please email:  with as many of the following details as possible, and we will be in touch.


Name of organization / school / publication / blog   

Name of event or class or column, etc.

Location/venue (optional)

Date (optional)

Time (optional)

Open to public?

tab, which includes additional details, including , , and additional screenings info)

Donate / Purchase for Private Use (Individuals or Families)

For private usage, we request a donation of $5.00 per DVD or $10.00 per BluRay to cover the costs of production and shipping.  We are a non-profit project and only aim to cover our costs, but if you would like to further our educational and scientific goals, feel free to increase your donation. We can also provide discs free for individuals or families who cannot afford to donate, just let us know.

To request a copy (individuals or families for private usage) we request $5 per DVD or $10 per BluRay disc, to be paid by personal check or via PayPal (juncoproject@gmail.com):

Make checks payable to:

Indiana University (include “Junco Project” in memo line)

Mail check to:

Junco Project

c/o Jonathan Atwell

Dept. of Biology; Indiana University

1001 E. 3rd St.

Bloomington, IN 47405


Or Donate via Credit Card or PayPal Account:


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