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Educational Resources List & Downloads

1) Teacher Guides (General Biology & Science) developed by biologist, journalist, and former high school teacher Dr. Deanna Soper Pinkelman, with high school and introductory college  classes in mind.  These include segment descriptions, keywords, and references to  science-teaching standards including both National Science Education Standards (NRC/NAP) and AAAS Benchmarks in Science*.  They also include student study questions (with sample answers for most questions).  *Will be updated to Next Generation Science Standards as those become available.

  • DOWNLOAD Teacher Guides:  PDF  WORD  10 May 2013
  • DOWNLOAD Student Study Questions:  PDF  WORD  10 May 2013

2) Study Question for “Brain, Behavior, & Evolution” college course developed by Professor Dr.  Jim Goodson (Indiana University) – these questions focus largely on “mechanisms” of behavior, physiology, and evolution, and include questions for Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 6.

  • DOWNLOAD “Mechanisms” Study Questions:  PDF  WORD  10 May 2013

3) Keywords and segment descriptions are listed on each individual video page, in order to help educators identify relevant course topics that overlap with the film segments.  Also see the “Relevant Education Topics” page, and (1) Teacher Guides, above.

4) Bibliography of Research Articles & Links (coming soon) – We plan to provide a listing of relevant scientific publications past, present, and future that are brought to life in each film segment.  These will include links to primary research articles in scientific journals, books, or links to other research websites or databases that directly relate to topics in our film.  Ultimately, we hope to work with publishers to allow free educational use of these publications (i.e., PDF downloads).

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with questions, comments,  concerns, or requests for improved or additional education resources. We also invite professional development or pedagogical evaluation projects that incorporate our film project.



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