Host A Screening

Host A Screening!

Hosting a screening is FREE! for not-for-profit groups and events, or at local independent theaters.

With over 50 million birdwatchers in the United States alone, we believe that a large sector of the public will be interested in a trip to the movies to get an up close and personal look at a common and abundant, yet surprisingly remarkable and important, backyard bird.  We encourage public or private screenings hosted by:


  • Audubon Society chapters
  • Student biology or science clubs
  • Nature centers
  • Independent theaters



  • University or departmental film series
  • Fundraisers for non-profit groups
  • YOUR group!
  • YOUR local independent theater!


We can provide the necessary files (e.g., HD .MOV or DCP) or hardcopies (e.g., BlueRay or DVD) as well as templates for promotional posters for advertising, all FREE of charge.

It is also possible to download the entire film  from our website and make a video playlist (e.g., using the free VLC Player software).

E-mail:  to arrange details.  Please include as many of the following details as possible:

Name of group / organization / school   
Name of event or class
Location/venue (optional)
Date (optional)
Time (optional)
Open to public?
Cost (non-profit fundraisers only)?
Requested movie formats (e.g, DVD, BluRay, Movie Files, DCP, etc.)
Promotional materials or additional requests (e.g., poster files, photos, interviews, appearances, etc.)
Mailing Address

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