Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Appalachian Spring: Long-term Studies at Mountain Lake

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For nearly 40 years, Dr. Ellen Ketterson and her research team from Indiana University have been studying juncos in the mountain forests of Virginia. This segment introduces viewers to the junco, the researchers, and the core methods they use to study birds. Set in field, lab, and aviary locations, one landmark study is highlighted in detail: a long-term field experiment investigating the complex effects of the hormone testosterone on behavior, physiology, and evolutionary fitness.

Keywords: adaptation; aggression; Appalachian Mountains; behavior; behavioral endocrinology; biology; bird; birdsong; DNA; endocrinology; evolution; experiment; extrapair behavior; extra-pair behavior; genetics; hormone; Indiana University; junco; Junco; Junco hyemalis; Junco hyemalis carolinensis; Ketterson, Ellen; long-term research; mating success; McGlothlin, Joel; mist net; mist-net; monogamy; Mountain Lake; natural selection; nest; nesting; ornamentation; ornithology; parental care; parenting; paternity; phenotype; plumage; scientific method; sexual selection; Snajdr, Eric; songbird; steroids; survival; adaptation; tail white; testosterone; University of Virginia; Virginia

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