Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Diversification II: South of the Border

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Less familiar to residents of the US and Canada are several Junco groups that inhabit the highlands of Mexico and Central America. Building upon findings revealed in “Diversification I: the Dark-eyed Juncos,” this segment will allow the viewer to join researchers from around the world as they travel to remote high elevation habitats to study unique Junco groups. Exploring the concepts of endemism, geographic isolation, and the role of genetic data in classifying species and determining evolutionary relatedness, this segment is characterized by stunning scenery, local culture, and a close-up look at birds and habitats that few have had the opportunity to see.

Keywords: adaptation; Atwell, Jonathan; Baja Junco; Baja Sur; Baja; biology; bird; birds; birdsong; coloration; Dark-eyed Junco; divergence; diversification; diversity; DNA; El Ajusco; endangered species; endemic; endemism; evolution; evolutionary tree; feather color;  genetic distance; genetics; geographic isolation; Gloger’s Rule; Guatemala; Guatemala Junco; Huehuetenango; Indiana University; insular tameness; junco; Ketterson, Ellen; Junco alticola; Junco hyemalis; Junco bairdii; Junco phaeonotus; Junco; Mila, Borja; McCormack, John; Mexico; Mexico City; morphology; Museo de Ciencias Naturales; natural selection; Occidental College; ornament; ornithology; phylogeny; phylogenetic tree; phylogenetics; phylogeography; plumage; sexual selection; San Cristobal; Sierra de La Laguna; sky island; song; species; Todos Santos; species concepts; speciation; species; sub-species; Yellow-eyed Junco;

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