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Say Hello to the Junco

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Introduce yourself to one of North America’s most common and abundant groups of songbirds, the Juncos! Readily observed in backyards, city parks, and forests alike, these little gray birds—sometimes called “Snowbirds”—can be easily overlooked. But for scientists who study animal behavior, ecology, and evolutionary biology, the Junco is a rockstar. This segment serves as a preview to our feature-length (88 min) film, which is comprised of shorter modules (3 to 20 min.) that was designed to bring to life more than 100 years of groundbreaking research in animal behavior, evolution, and ecology featuring the “Ordinary Extraordinary Junco.” We created the project with both public and student audiences in mind.

Keywords:  adaptation; animal behavior; behavior; behavioral ecology; biology; bird; birds; Dark-eyed Junco; climate change; DNA; divergence; diversity; diversification; documentary; ecology; evolution; evolutionary biology; gene; gene sequence; genetics; Indiana University; intro; junco; Junco; Ketterson, Ellen; mate choice; Mila, Borja; natural selection; nature; ornithology; phenotype; phylogeny; phylogenetics; physiology; Rowan, William; science; scientific method; sexual selection; social behavior; snowbird; songbird; speciation; species; species concepts; testosterone; trailer; Yellow-eyed Junco; urbanization

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