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What We Can Learn from the Junco

[vimeo url=”http://vimeo.com/61317504″ title=”0″ fs=”0″ portrait=”0″ autoplay=”0″]

Recapping themes from the prior modules and previewing the junco research of the future, this closing segment reinforces the broad range of important scientific findings involving the Junco. Featuring sound bites from more than a dozen diverse scientists who study juncos, this segment emphasizes the importance of emerging genetic and genomic research tools to complement research in the field. Viewers are reminded to consider all that can be learned from a little backyard bird.

Keywords: adaptation; animal behavior; behavior; behavioral ecology; biology; bird; birds; Dark-eyed Junco; climate change; DNA; divergence; diversity; diversification; documentary; ecology; evolution; evolutionary biology; gene; gene sequence; genetics; genome; genomic; genomics; Indiana University; intro; junco; Junco; Ketterson, Ellen; mate choice; McCormack, John; Mila, Borja; Mountain Lake; natural selection; nature; ornithology; outro; phenotype; phylogeny; phylogenetics; physiology; rapid evolution; research; Rowan, William; science; scientific method; sequencing; sexual selection; social behavior; snowbird; songbird; speciation; species; species concepts; testosterone; trailer; University of California-San Diego; UCSD; Yellow-eyed Junco; urbanization

Research Articles & Links: (coming soon)


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