Educational Goals & Scope

We designed Ordinary Extraordinary Junco to entertain, educate, and inspire both public and student audiences learning in both informal and formal settings.

We developed our project with college (undergraduate) and high school (9-12) science classes in mind, though initial feedback from screenings indicates that younger students (K-8) may also be engaged by many aspects of our content.

We designed our feature-length (88 min.) project in a modular format with 8 shorter “chapters” (3 to 20 min.) specifically to facilitate classroom (or homework) use.

We considered both National Science Education Standards (NRC) and AAAS Benchmarks in Science standards when we wrote and produced our segments, and we currently reference these in our study guides, which will be updated to include Next Generation Science Standards as they become available.

We view the Ordinary Extraordinary Junco educational resources as an “open-source” project, and invite contributions from any and all educators.  The initial resources we developed are to encourage and facilitate educational use of our film, but we welcome any and all feedback and contributions to expand, refine, and create new materials to accompany our film project.  

See Educator Resources for a list of materials available to date.

See Relevant Education Topics page for a sampling of subject areas featured in the film.

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