Press Coverage

Indiana University Alumni Magazine cover story, Spring 2014.

Press Coverage

5 March 2014  “The Ordinary Extraordinary Junco – Singing the Praises of a Research Rockstar” – Indiana University Alumni Magazine (Cover Article, Spring 2014)

22 February 2014  “Good Natured: Amusing, amazing, extraordinary juncos” – Kane County Chronicle Newspaper, Illinois

19 February 2014  “Native Animal of the Month: Dark-eyed Junco” – Urban Ecology Center – Stories Blog, Wisconsin

21 February 2014  “Little gray bird can teach us a lot about ourselves…and sex!” – Bangor Daily News, Maine

12 February 2014  “Change of Pace: Let’s Talk Juncos” – Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper, “WingNut: Everything Avian” column, Minneapolis, MN

30 January 2014  “Juncos and Science”   Birding magazine Book Reviews, by Rick Wright

15 January 2014  “Backyard Birder: The extraordinary, far from ordinary, junco” – in the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript newspaper, Peterborough, NH

31 December 2013  “Screening of a movie about juncos benefits Salem Audubon” – Statesman Journal newspaper, Willamette Valley, OR

7 December 2013  “Backyard bird who’s a master of diversity” –

18 November 2013  “Common backyard “snowbird” makes stunning debut in new birding documentary” – Cleveland Plain Dealer Newspaper and, Cleveland, OH

18 November 2013  “Juncos are the Harbingers of Winter” – Keene Sentinel Newspaper, Keene, NH (For the Birds column)

18 November 2013  “Just a Junco?” – in Birding Community E-Bulletin  published by the National Wildlife Refuge Association, sponsored by Carl Zeiss Sport Optics

15 November 2013  “Juncos – not so ordinary after all” – The Fat Finch Bird Brain Blog – Albuquerque, NM

13 November 2013  “For the Birds: We Can Learn A Lot from Juncos” – The Hour Newspaper, Norwalk, CT

10 November 2013  “Nature Watch: Film offers birders a fascinating look at the junco” – The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY)

9 November 2013  “Learn more about juncos at event in Keene: Event set for Nov. 21” – WMUR 9 New Hampshire

2 November 2013 – “Birds and Nature Radio Show” hosted by Dr. Scott Shalaway – AM NewsTalk 1360 Radio (Pittsburg, PA) – interview with Junco Project scientist (link to archived podcast available soon)

31 October 2013 – The Rappahannock Newspaper (Virginia):  Wild Ideas: The (extra)ordinary junco

18 October 2013 – California Acadmey of Sciences’ Science Today Website:  “Science in Action this Week: the Dark-eyed Junco”(includes a re-edit of excerpts of our film from Cal Academy producers)

13 October 2013 – Nature  “Evolution in Action – Campus Juncos at UCSD” (article highlights the entire film)

7 October 2013 – The Flying Shingle Newspaper (Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada): “Just for the Birds – The Spunky Juncos of U Cal”

4 October 2013 – National Science Teacher’s Association (NSTA) Reports – October 2013 (Vol. 25, No. 3) – “Freebies for Science Teachers”

30 August 2013 – Birdwatching Magazine – blog: “New film about juncos offers fresh insights into common birds”

21 July 2013 – The Herald newspaper (Everett, Washington): “Junco film a fascinating look at quick evolution”

14 July 2013 – The Herald Times newspaper (Bloomington, Indiana): “Summer is a great time to watch a movie about juncos” (link requires subscription) PDF

10 July 2013 – California Academy of Sciences – Teacher’s Lounge Blog: “The Ordinary Extraordinary Junco: Evolution in Action”

30 June 2013 – – Featured Video Series: “Ordinary Extraordinary…Junco”

19 June 2013 – “Film Brings Science Home, Highlights Remarkable Backyard Bird”

31 May 2013 – The Herald Times newspaper (Bloomington, Indiana): “IU’s junco film ready for release to educators nationwide”

29 May 2013 – The Birding Wire (presented by Swarovski Optik): “‘Ordinary Extraordinary Junco’ Premieres at Indiana University”

22 May 2013 – IU News Room press release: “After successful premiere, IU biologists release junco documentary for birders, teachers”

09 December 2012  –  The Herald Times newspaper (Bloomington, Indiana): “Dark-eyed juncos star in new documentary film”   (link requires subscription)   PDF

04 December 2012 – IU News Room press release: With songbird as star, ‘Ordinary Extraordinary Junco’ movie puts spotlight on evolution, IU research”

26 November 2012 – Gradspace @ IU Telecomm blog: “The Ordinary Extraordinary Junco (feature on filmmaker Steve Burns)”

30 November 2012 – IU News Room press release: Songbirds adapt to new urban environs thanks to rapid genetic evolution”

16 October 2012 – online magazine (NYU): Becoming city birds”